West Peoria
Fire Protection District


The West Peoria Volunteer Firefighters' Association was formed on October 30th, 1962 and was approved by the by the Board of Trustees and chartered by the State of Illinois. The Association is a non for profit organization that is responsible for the social and fundraising activities for the betterment of the community and the West Peoria Fire Department. The Association is made up of all members of the Fire Department, who are voted into the membership after 6 months of dedicated service to the Fire District. Before becoming a member of the Association, prospective members are expected to participate in all facets of the Fire Department and all Association functions, including responding to calls and reporting for scheduled drills.

The Association at one time held a Firemans' Dance in October every year. This dance served as the major fundraiser for the Association. With the changes in time, the Firemans' Dance has been replaced with a Hog Roast Dinner fundraiser, which now serves as the major fundraiser for the Association. Monies raised for fund raisers is donated to the Fire Protection District to help offset the price of the Fire Protection District's new rescue truck and equipment purchases.

The Association hosts numerous events throughout the year, besides the Hog Roast Dinner.

2017- 2018 Association Officers

President- Joel Schreiber
Vice President-Jack Girard
Secretary - Ryan Billingsly
Treasurer-Kelly Stecher


Upcoming Association Events

June 2, 2018 Jamboree & Scout Carnival 3 pm 10 pm
July 4, 2018- Independence Day Parade- 10:00 am 

September 16, 2018- Family Day (Open House)- 12:00 pm

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