Kelly Stecher Named Firefighter of the Year 2018

This award recognizes individuals for their contribution to the fire department. Previous Firefighters of the Year are below.


1977 Edward Madden

1978 Terry Capps

1979 James Jeschke

1980 Tim Gibbons

1981 Bob Harris

1982 Paul Phenix

1983 Mark Stecher

1984 Terry Schadt

1985 Daniel McGann

1986 Donald Parkhurst

1987 Ed Ulbricht

1988 Thomas Stecher

1989 C. Hoy Turner

1990 Robert Doering

1991William Schefelbein

1992 James Stecher

1993 Jeff Robinson

1994 Dana Johnston

1995 Geoff Gaebel

1996 Dan Wilson

1997 Bob Harris

1998 Jeff Maurice

1999  Robert Stecher, Sr.

2000 Robert Stecher, Jr.

2001 Todd Ricca

2002 Kevin Godsill

2003 Jesse Bieneman

2004 Dan Kerns

2005 Nate Clow

2006 Todd Cox

2007 Ross Garman

2008 Matt Smetana

2009 Jared Deihs

2010 Jack Aylward

2011 Scott Ruskusky 

2012 Joel Van Ness

2013 Malakai Szczepaniak

2014 Steve Wells

2015 John "Jack" Girard

2016 Scott Ruskusky

2017 Daniel Wilson

2018 Kelly Stecher

Kelly Stecher

Congratulations to Firefighter of the Year for 2018 Kelly Stecher.  Stecher was honored at the annual appreciation dinner on May 11, 2019.  Kelly Stecher was recognized for her dedication to the department by her peers.  She is often one of the first individuals at the fire house and one of the last to leave on training days.  Stecher is certified as a Basic Operations Level or Firefighter II.  She has gone to fire schools to further her knowledge and has helped with training fellow firefighters.   She is taking on increased leadership roles at the fire department by serving as vice president of the West Peoria Firefighters' Association and is the incoming president of the Association.  Stecher joined the department in 2016.  She was previously the EMT of the Year for 2016