Original Fire House


  • The  fire house as it appeared shortly after completion in 1940. The photo shows the siren mounted on the scaffolding which occurred after the  first placement where it was mounted on the roof directly.   

1941 Ford Fire truck



  • The first fire engine was a 1941 Ford built by Howe Fire Apparatus Company from Anderson, IN.  It was delivered in January of 1941.  It was retired and sold in 1962. The Firefighters' Association purchased the truck back and is in the process of restoring the apparatus.

Firemen's Ball



  • Firemen urge everyone to “come on out” to the Firemen’s Ball in this promotional photo. Similar type of publicity “photo ops” would earn West Peoria the title as “most enthusiatic” of  fire departments in later publications.  The first such Firemen's Ball was held in 1940.

Group Photo 1953


  • Firefighters pose for a photo in 1953 in front of the 1941 Ford.

Addition to fire house 1953



  • “Several bricklayers living in West Peoria and all the mem- bers of the West Peoria Fire Department worked last week and through the weekend, volunteering their services to help construct an addition to the West Peoria  re station...,” (Workers, 1953). 

1955 Ford, Engine 72,


  • Training and testing on the new  fire apparatus occurred at Glen Oak Park Lagoon.     
  • The pumper was built by the American Fire Apparatus Company of Battle Creek, MI for a cost of $12,000. 

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Traub's Market Explosion



  • Rubble is all that is left after Traub’s Market explosion. This photograph was taken near the corner of Sterling and Rohmann Avenues looking toward where South Side Bank now stands. 

Kids Day

Kids Day in 1955

Engine 72

All aboard for fire truck rides during Kids Day.  The fire truck is a 1955 Ford.

War Memorial

The War Memorial was designed by retired fire chief Dallas Costello.  The War Memorial was removed to make way for the expansion of the fire house.  The new War Memorial is located in Franciscan Park

engine bay expansion

The south engine bay and offices were constructed in 1975 to accommodate the addition of an ambulance.